The Unicorn Koh Tao, Our local deep wreck

Unicorn Koh Tao, Our local deep wreck


The Unicorns Koh Tao is our local deep wreck being only a 25 minute journey from the island. She is a fantastic dive site for taking divers on Tec training courses. Originally operating as a cargo vessel she sunk in 1989 with an unusual story. She appeared just north of Mango Bay one day and remained there anchored for several days before she suddenly sank. The whole thing turned out to be an insurance scam as they claimed that she was full of expensive canned tuna. However when divers went down to take a closer look they discovered she was full of animal feed. This earned her the nickname, The Dog Food wreck.

sea explorers club unicorn wreck

She has been known as the Unicorn for years however a recent discovery of medical items show that her true name is Hishi-Daiya Maru.

She is 55 metres long, sitting upright in 50m of water. The top of her bow is 37m. It is a perfect dive for a tech fun dive as she is so close to Koh Tao, and due to her depth it is a great way to finish off PADI TecRec & Tec Deep courses.

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