New Tech 40/Foundation/Back gas or Side Mount

All new Tech 40/Basic Nitrox Back gas or Side Mount/ TRIMIX ADD ON 

Tech 40/ Nitrox qualifies you to make gas switch extended no-stop and limited decompression dives (up to 15 minutes deco time) using air or Enriched Air and a single decompression gas up to 50% for conservation during decompression or to extend no-decompression limit to a maximum depth of 40 meters.

  • Includes: (3/4 Days) 2-Confined Water Sessions and 4-Open Water Dives
    –  manual, equipment rental, boat fees, gasses, and certification
  • this course lays the foundations for all the following technical courses.
  • This course can be completed using Helium gas (optional) on the last two dives at an extra gas cost only.

Price: 24,000 THB + (Mix At market Rates optional)

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