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The Brunei Affair

The Hunt for the INJ Shinonome

Check out all the published articles written by Tim Lawrence about his adventures and expeditions beneath the surface in search of shipwrecks and the stories they hold.

Decoding Maritime Mysteries: A Diving Expedition in Thailand

Burma Maru

Discovering the Burma Maru

5 Must-Dive Wrecks in Thailand for Technical Divers

A Tail of four commanders

Wreck diving Brothers in Arms   

the article was written by Tim Lawrence concerning a forgotten theatre of war

the friendship built in adversity and the risks men will endure for it  A revealing maker’s plate


Questions and Answers

a life of exploration    

An insight into the life of an explorer on the PADI blog




Silk purse or pig’s ear

Getting wrecked literary in the Gulf of Thailand.

deep shipwreck exploration


Discovering The Burma Maru (undersea journal)


1St Ming Dynasty wreck mounds with the Thai archaeology dpt

pottery shipwreck expedition ko tao thailand djl diving      Pottery shipwreck davy jones tech koh tao thailand

going pottery in Thailand