Meet The Team

Tim Lawrence is a technical diving instructor trainer with ANDI PADI BSAC at the highest levels possible for technical diving, in caves and wrecks. He also has technical instructor ratings with all the major technical diving agencies. He has been involved with the evolution of technical diving since his first technical instructor rating in 1995. And has a passion for exploration and is a  member of the Explorers Club in New York. He proudly carried the pennant on an expedition in Brunei during the 2023 season. He has vast experience in different environments, both temperate and tropical. He has owned and founded diving centres in Spain /Grain Canaria/Koh Tao (CDC Award-winning) / Koh Lipe/and Paulo Moyo/he built and founded liveaboards in Komodo. He has also worked in his career in diverse locations such as Sipadan /Solomons islands/Gibraltar/ Malaysia/Philippines/ also leading technical diving expeditions to look for shipwrecks/ caves in Brunei/ Cambodia/ Lao/ Indo/ Malaysia/ Spain/Gibraltar/ Gran Canaria. He has experience diving in areas stretching from England to Australia/New Zealand and many other locations. He is also a respected and published author with articles in Diver magazine/Diver Net/Undersea Journal and Untamed Travel. ( )He has many firsts under his belt, having led expeditions to locate shipwrecks such as the Burma Maru/ Akita Maru/ INJ HATSUTAKA / Italian transport Ortella /Ancient junks/ Roman shipwrecks/ DC3 aeroplanes and over 50 less well known but equally important wrecks from antiquity, founding the SEA EXPLORERS CLUB.his most recent acclaim is his involvement with the team writing the outline for the new padi tech 40-50 courses. He has extensive knowledge of salvage diving, and in his spare time, he custom builds his CCR units based on the AP Valves inspiration. Through all of this, he is a proud Cockney and husband.

Julia Alberione

Julia achieved the rating of technical diving instructor after over twenty years of diver instruction; Julia has experience working in many different locations, from South America to Asia. Although small in stature, don’t be fooled by her size. She is the backbone of the team; having been involved in the lucky shot-going pottery in Thailand, the Brunei affair, and many other expeditions, an avid car diver and cave diver, she brings a welcome balance to the masculine world of tech diving.  

Meet the Team