DSAT Tech Deep course (T40,T45 & T50)

PADI’s DSAT Tec Deep course provides training which will allow students to do deep decompression dives to a depth of 50 metres.

The course incorporates diving with a twin set and also stage/deco cylinders. Students will use enriched air blends consisting of up to 100% O2. This can improve the safety of the dive or speed up the decompression schedule.

Thailand is an ideal place to take a Tec Deep course due to the variety of tec and wreck diving spots including around Koh Tao


Below is a breakdown of what the Tec Deep course consists of.

The pre-requisites needed to take a Tec Deep course are;

Advanced Open Water & Rescue Diver certification

Enriched Air & Deep Diver Specialties

You will also need to have logged at least 100 dives including 20 enriched air dives, 25 dives deeper than 18 metres and 15 dives deeper than 30 metres

The minimum age to start this course is 18 years old

For divers who are interested in taking the Tec Deep course but don’t meet all the prerequisites it’s no problem. If you contact us with your current diving details and certification we will be happy to help help you reach the required standard to start the course.

DJL owner Tim Lawrence has many years of experience as a technical diver and instructor. Away from teaching his passion is wreck discovery, and he has an impressive list of located wrecks to his name. These include aeroplanes, tankers, WW2 wrecks, commercial vessels and even a Roman wreck.

With this background students are guaranteed an exceptionally high level of training from someone who truly understands and respects the potential dangers involved in tech diving.

The Tec Deep course

Tec deep training consists of a number of parts. There are academics and shallow water skills which are followed by dives which get progressively deeper.

The course duration is usually 10 days and includes 12 dives, but we are happy to extend the time need if students require it.

What is covered during the Tec Deep course?

Tec Deep Theory

Firstly Students will study Tec deep theory, this includes;

Tech diving equipment configuration

Risks & responsibilities

Gas & dive planning

Emergency procedures

Techniques & procedures

This will cover topics such as:

Decompression sickness / field neuro exams

Deco planning & NOTOX Gas switches, gas matching

Narcosis management

Equipment maintenance, oxygen compatibility

MODs, dive planning, dive objectives & runtimes

Principles for surviving a tech dive!


Shallow water skills

In shallow water, training skills & drills will include the following:

Bubble & descent checks

Buoyancy control with tech gear

Deploying lift bags, use of reels

Determining SAC rate

Gas shutdown drills

Long hose gas sharing

NOTOX gas switches

Weight checks

Our aim is to to get you completely comfortable in shallow water. After which we progress to deeper dives. . . . . .


Open Water Tech Dives

Students will build up experience during technical dives which will take place around Koh Tao at various wreck and pinnacles.

The final part of the tec deep course will be at the Unicorn Wreck which lies to the north of Koh Tao. You will get to do 2 deep deco dives to a depth of 50 metres.

All the training you received in the shallow water will be put into practice. Upon completion of the dives you will be ready to receive your DSAT Tec Deep diver certification.


The cost of the Tec Deep course is 55,000 thb.

The price of the course includes the following;


Use of all technical diving equipment

Tec Deep certification

Training dives and gasses