Two tec divers inspecting hull of the Tottori Maru shipwreck.

IWR, Oil Tankers and Rocking Horse Poo

The Tottori Maru was ultimately sunk by the USS Hammerhead while attempting a supply mission. But as I swim around the wreckage, her more infamous history attacks my senses, sending shivers through me. I recount in my mind’s eye the horrific events witnessed by the twisted eroding metal. My torchlight briefly touches a ladder reaching deep into the dark holds and encouraging further my imagination. Finally, my buddy flashing a signal brings me back, the dive time turns us. We head for the assent line. A vast unexplored shipwreck deserves days, not minutes of bottom time. Yet, so much is left unexplored.

ijn akita maru

The Lucky Shot – pt 1

Early 1942 – After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Isoroku Yamamoto quickly turned his attention to the mineral rich mines of northern Malaysia and the sea lanes around Singapore. Their capture was necessary to secure materials needed to make alloys, fuel for the war machine and freedom to move unhindered around the region. Secretly […]