The Sharks are back!

Recently our dive school decided to run another one of our monthly trips to Sail Rock, which is frequently named as the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand. Myself and another Technical Diver at Davy Jones Locker decided to go for a fun dive because there were rumors of Bull Sharks is you are lucky. Also Sail Rock goes right down to 45 M so it is a good place to get some depth and get more Technical Diving experiance. When we jumped in, we dropped right down to 30m where the theromocline sat, and all of a sudden, out of the darkness a large shark swims towards us! It stuck around us for a while, and when it swam off it was replaced by another two! We decided to stay to do another dive there afterwards and yet again we were treated by regular visits by the sharks. The biggest one appeared to be around 3m long and very very chunky! Now that is two locals sites where the Sharks are being spotted, looks like our “off” season is looking to be a good one! Can’t wait to get back out there!!!

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