DJL Tech Divers, 8 new certifications

DJL Tech Divers, 8 new certifications

Davy Jones Locker Technical Team are proud to present their newly certified tech students from November and December 2010.  This motley crew demonstrates the culturally diverse and broad range of technical diving courses available at DJL Diving.

DJL Tech Divers, 8 new certifications
DJL Tech Team & latest students

Tech divers in this picture:

Jean Francois Cuche,

from France came to DJL as a PADI OWSI and completed a TDI Advanced Nitrox and Extended Range.

Andrew Fielder

a PADI Staff Instructor from England completed the DSAT Tec Rec 40-45 course.

Paul Tobolov 

a PADI Divemaster from Australia completed his DSAT Tec Rec 40-45, ANDI Cavern and level 3 Cave.

Dan Eliasson 

from Sweden completed the TDI Advanced Nitrox course.

Patrick Carter

from Australia came to DJL as a PADI Rescue Diver and completed TDI Advanced Nitrox.

Huw Gildon

an ‘American’ English expat arrived as a PADI OWSI and has completed BSAC Advanced Nitrox Extended Range.

Marielle Pronk

from the Netherlands completed Tec-50 full Trimix and Cave Explorer courses.

Alex Ferrel

a GUE Tech diver completed his MCA Boat Handling Course with Davy Jones Locker.

DJL Tech Divers, 8 new certifications

Also pictured are Tim Lawrence & Kris Harrison (the DJL technical team) who would like to thank all the guys for choosing to study and dive with Davy Jones Locker and wish the newly certified divers all the best for the future!

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