cave courses

Cave courses , Davy Jones Tech team

Well the DJL Tec Team has the truck all loaded. We’re ready for the next 10 days of cave, sidemount cave and trimix diving and training in southern Thailand. We have the compressor, twin-sets, deco stages, oxygen, helium, trans-whip and ton of equipment. The team are waiting for the weather to change so we can catch a night ferry to the mainland. Hopefully we will be able to leave the day after tomorrow. We will be doing training dives for level 3 and 4 cave courses as well as doing the deep dives to finish the trimix courses. We will be diving in the Song Hong, Sre Keaw, Ja Juan, and Koh Sok systems over the next 2 weeks. Divers include Tim, Kris, Marielle, Dan, and Paul all looking for a bit of fun on the dark side….

Entrance to Sri Keaw cave

cave courses

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