Wreck Expedition Dates Released

Wreck Expedition Dates Released

SEA Explorers Club, Koh Tao would like to invite you to join us on 2 upcoming wreck expeditions where we’ll be diving exciting established wrecks and searching for new ones!
EAST TRIP – 18th July 2011
Includes: 7 Dives
Duration: 4 Days
Day 1 – “HMS Sattakut” – Preperation Dive
Day 2 – “SeaCrest Drill-Ship” (2 Dives)
Day 3 – “Tottori Maru” (2 Dives)
Day 4 – “Tottori Maru” (2 Dives)
Also searching for new wrecks on the way
Expedition Price  – 38,500 baht
NORTH TRIP – 5th August 2011
Includes: 6 Dives
Duration: 3 Days
Day 1 – HTMS Phagnan (2 Dives)
Day 2 – HTMS Phagnan (2 Dives)
Day 3 – Searching for New Wrecks
(2 Dives on newly discovered wreck, if we’re lucky)
or 2 Dives at the Torpedo/Unicorn
**Preperation dive available on HMS Sattakut, Koh Tao on request**
Expedition Price – 27,500 baht

Please contact us ASAP to book your place on either expedition (10% deposit required) or please contact us for any further expedition details.  info@seaexplorersclub.comWreck Expedition Dates Released

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