Sneaking off to the Torpedo wreck Koh Tao

Take a couple of quiet days during low season, flat calm seas in the Gulf of Thailand and a bunch of techies. It’s all we need for a quick dash to the Torpedo wreck. This is one of the easier to reach technical wreck dives from our Koh Tao base.

With ropes off scheduled for 7.30am preparations were made on the previous day, including gas blending, dive planning and general equipment setup. Whilst the plan had been to dive rebreather, backmount and sidemount configurations, a late-stage rebreather cell problem means three of us are on backmount and one diver is in sidemount configuration.

Sneaking off to the Torpedo wreck Ko Tao

With the deepest part of the wreck situated in just over 50 metres, we are using air as our back gas and EAN50 as well as oxygen as decompression gases. Trimix is worth considering in these depths as it means there is less effect from narcosis.

Today, visibility is around 10 metres. It’s on the low side for this wreck, but nevertheless allows for fairly easy navigation, even for our first timers. We complete the first dives on time and on schedule. Next, the teams use the surface interval to agree their dive plans for the second dive. Taking a look at the bow seems a good option and when all is agreed it’s time for lunch. Bring a Spanish person on a dive trip and you get authentic tortilla!

Once all teams have completed two successful dives it’s time to head back to Koh Tao. But not without taking a look at another wreck mark on the depth sounder. The Gulf of Thailand really is a mecca for wreck divers. It has plenty of Marus and other wrecks almost on our doorstep. We organise trips to the deeper wrecks regularly and are always keen to invite more techies along. Want to know more? Get in touch about diving the wrecks of the gulf and our expeditions coming up later this year!

About Tim

Tim became a technical diving instructor for IANTD in 1995 after working in numerous locations including the Philippines, Similans, Koh Tao, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sipadan, Borneo, Solomon Islands, Gran Canaria and Gibraltar. He has been responsible for locating wrecks in the Gulf of Thailand, Perinthians, Penang, Malaysia and Gran Canaria. The oldest shipwreck Tim has located was approximately 2000 years old where Tim recovered an ancient Roman amphora. Tim is a BSAC first-class diver, Tech Diving instructor trainer and Dive Coxswain instructor examiner. After achieving technical instructor ratings in DSAT/IANTD these days he prefers to teach the mixed gas courses offered by BSAC as they are more wreck orientated, which is Tim’s passion. Tim founded Davy Jones Locker Diving, which was originally set up as a one man outfit training expats in Hong Kong. He progressed into setting up dive centres in Gran Canaria, Gibraltar, Mae Haad and Sairee Beach in Koh Tao. He now owns and runs Davy Jones Locker in Sairee Beach, Koh Tao which is a BSAC centre of excellence and a PADI 5-Star Centre.

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