recent expedition dive one

Diary of the recent expedition Dive one

Dive one Tattori Maru 1/10/2011

We decide to run a trimix 15/40 with a travel gas of 36% and 100 % switch at 30mtr on the descent. Running a side of 15/40 which we blow down on bottom target. Run time 25 min, 20 min bail out and 30min shit hit the fan plan. The line was tied in by Miko on the starboard side aft of the bridge. The wreck lies on the port side in 75 mtr with the bow nearly blown completely off and twisted in line with the war record report. We descend the line, I am a little slow going down the line and have some trouble with the reg on the side tank of bottom gas.

We hit the top of the bridge and I run a distance line secured with a primary tie off next to the shot line. Next I drop over the aft quarter into the 1st aft hold. Shooting video on the bottom at 75 mtr we see that the holds half filled with sand. We then return to the top of the bridge. This is one of the mid bridge cargo vessels with the top of the canvas open deck type.

I see evidence of the metal supports for the canvas roof and missing telegraphs. I then swim over the port side which the ship has a slight list towards. There we see evidence of a large debris field, bottles, plates etc. We leave the distance line there with a terminal tie off. Breath down stage, turn, dive and head back to the ascent line.
The visibility was around 15 metres. We check our watches and on 25 min we start to ascend the line. Our team start off gassing at 60 mtr where we slow our ascent to 51 metres. Then 3 metres per minute up to 33 metres, followed by 2 minutes every 3 metre gas switch onto the nitrox 36% up to 6 metres. 2-1 ratio deco works at these depths online pharmacy using these gases totalling 25min to 6mtr. Then 25min at 6 and 4.5 metres.

The currant was running at around 1 knot all through the ascent and descent. This causes us to hang on the line like a flag. We swim over to bars at 9 metres. The bars move a lot in the current and we have to get out the jon line to counter act the movement. We end up bouncing around a lot through the deco, which isn’t very comfortable. For safety we pad stops by around 10 min and monitor depth closely scurrying up and down the bars a few times finally we exit the water. I have 150 bar back gas having breathed down a bottom stage. But I need to repair the reg on that stage as it’s breathing heavy.

recent expedition dive one

Descending on the nitrox 36 and switching to a bottom stage of 15/40 TMX at 30 metres allows us to save helium on the descent. It also allows us to switch off the helium early on the ascent. This system means we carry a lot of extra back gas for an emergency. However, we barely touch this, meaning the helium top up fills are a lot more cost effective

We arrived on station at around 0700. The sea state was around 1.2 metres, although settling down we had a pleasant trip out from koh samui after picking up supplies. We also picked up two more divers, an American and an Englishman. We all got our passports stamped out of Thailand, then got a quick feed and some snacks for the trip.
As we left the pier in Samui a squall hit us, reducing viability and soaking everybody. I made a couple of phone calls, one to Andy and one to Khandiz. We set off at 0630, arriving at the Tattori Maru at 0700 in the morning. The captain shot the wreck but after we made another sonar search we decided to lift the shot and redeploy .

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