Megladon Rebreather Course Underway at DJL Tech



Megladon CCR Course Davy Jones Tech

The rebreather revolution is sweeping through the dive school! David Polley recently got certified as a AP Valves Inspiration Classic and Vision Instructor, and also Poseidon MK6 Instructor. Now he has decided this is not enough!! And has decided that now he wants to become a Megladon diver.  The Megladon is a fully closed circuit unit and has been gaining much popularity over the past few years. Now with the price of helium rocketing, using a CCR unit is going to become one of the only viable ways to be able to dive deep.

TDI IT Ben has come from Phuket to run the course and then he may go on and teach Dave the Instructor level. As for the future of technical deep diving as soon as Hellium becomes rarer even passing the 50 metre limit is soon going to become an expensive adventure. So now is the time to jump on the Rebreather band wagon!

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