Cave Diving Courses in Thailand

Cave Diving Courses in Thailand

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Cave diving in Thailand is a fairly recent activity but is rapidly becoming more popular. In this blog we will cover the TDI Cave Diver courses available here in Koh Tao. Our next cave diving blog we will cover more cave diving sites around Thailand. Here at Davy Jones Tech we offer the full range of TDI cave diving courses. Starting from the TDI Cavern Diver course through to the TDI Intro to Cave and finally the TDI Full Cave diver certifications. We have some incredible caves in Thailand as well, from the beautiful Khao Sok National Park, to the deep sinkhole at Song Hong and Sra Keaw near Krabi.

Song Hong Exploration Expedition

Pre requisites

The pre-requisite for Cave diving is only 30 dives and Advanced diver level. However, usually we recommend at least taking the TDI Intro to Tech course before starting the TDI Cavern course. Here we can cover the basics of twinsets, valve drills, long hose deployment, dive planning, trim, buoyancy and propulsion techniques before moving into the more demanding underwater cave environment. For many people getting into cave diving they want to go onto the TDI Full Cave certification. But often these more advanced and much longer cave dives require decompression as well. Consequently, we also recommend that divers look into the TDI Decompression procedures and TDI Advanced Nitrox course so that they can carry out deco in the Full cave diver Course.

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Cavern Diver course

Cave diving has three levels and you need to complete each cave diving level before moving onto the next one. The first cave diver level is the TDI Cavern diver course. We go over the basics again of buoyancy, trim, double use, team diving techniques and start working on lights and reels. Often it is very challenging maintain perfect trim and buoyancy whilst running a reel. So we work on team work, line laying and tie offs in the cavern area. We can progress 61 meters from the entrance but must always be able to the exit. The TDI Cavern diver course requires 4 dives and takes 2 days.

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Intro to Cave

The TDI Intro to Cave allows the cave diver to head beyond the light zone into the cave. Here we practice much more advanced cave diving techniques, such as tying into permanent guidelines, lost line, lost divers, line marker use, out of air and blindfolded exits from the cave. The TDI Intro to cave course requires 4 dives and takes around 2 days to complete. After the TDI Intro to cave course the cave diver can move onto the next level with the TDI Full cave diver course.

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Full Cave

The TDI full cave diver is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding technical diving courses available today. This very high level requires 8 dives minimum and takes 4 days, or all three course can be completed over 7 days. TDI full cave allows the cave diver to complete complex cave dives such as traverses and circuits. Here we usually head to the sink hole of Song Hong to complete complex traverses and explore some of the massive ceilings in this huge cave system. For more information about the TDI Cave diving programs email us or drop into our tech diving shop here on Sairee Beach in Koh Tao, Thailand

Happy Diving

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