Cargo Vessel Wreck, Straits of Malacca

Cargo Vessel Wreck, Straits of Malacca

A team of divers from Davy Jones Tech recently located a cargo vessel wreck in the Penang straits of Mallacca. The wreck is of a currently unknown cargo vessel of approximately 2500BRT.

Cargo Vessel Wreck, Straits of Malacca

After chartering a local fishing boat the team of technical divers from DJL accidentally discovered the wreck. They were actually searching for a wreck of a WW2 British submarine.

The cargo vessel sits at 60m and has a huge crane lying next to the main hold of the ship. The cargo has spilled into the sand around the crane as a result of sinking. The bridge sits upright and has nets flying from its mast as if clawing for the surface.

The team also located and identified a Japanese submarine and a large boiler from a steamship believed to have fallen foul to a British submarine.

The team comprised of Fri, Jeremy, Tim 2 and was led by Tim Lawrence from Davy Jones’ Locker, all of whom plan to resume the search to identify the vessel as soon as possible

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