Expedition Sub Chaser

Our Team are busy working up units and prepairing equipment for our first expedition of 2024 into the  Mallacca straights.

Over 12 days starting 15 Jan, our home will be the sailing vessel  Valkyrie we will be attempting to locate the HMS Porpoise, the last British submarine lost in ww2 on the  13 Jan 1945 nealy 79 years to the day. This large mine laying submarine of the porpoise class,( 288 feet in length and 253 BRT) was allegedly lost during an air attack 17 NM ENE of pualu perak. The result of  a direct hit from a 6KG bomb. Although its thought unlikly that such a small bomb could have sank her without trace.

The information of the air attack was intercepted by a top secret Ultra Decrypt. There was however another attack that day on a submarine further to the south East, this attack was made by sub chaser CH8, This attack has been ignored, as the HMS porpoise was not ordered to patrol that far south.

Our expedition will concentrate on Fishermans marks around the area recorded buy CH8. The search for this vessel is complicated by the proximity of the shipping channel and the frequency of pirate attacks in the area.

while we are sure to find undove shipwreck’s during this expedition we are hopeful that  HMS porpoise and he complement of 59 crew will be one of them.