Technical Diving – Back to Basics - TDI Intro to Tech

Technical Diving – Back to Basics – TDI Intro to Tech

Technical diving requires mastery of the all the basic diving skills. In fact many of the skills that we work on during technical diver training are actually open water diver level skills but at more advanced level. During TDi Intro to Tech training, one of the hardest skills for new technical divers to master is buoyancy and trim. And also being able to maintain these whilst performing other tasks such as valve drills and out of air. From open water level we teach neutral buoyancy and streamlining. Getting the fundamental of diving right is one of the most important thing to master. Even after thousands of dives it can always be worked on. In fact if you are thinking of moving onto technical diving you can practice these skills on recreational dives. Thes include being able to hover motionless in trim, mask removal and replace neutrally buoyant etc.

Even at very advanced tech diving levels like TDI advanced trimix and TDI Full Cave we train for multiple failures that are actually open water diver level skills. No mask whilst buddy breathing, holding deco stops and neutrally buoyant are just one multiple failure we teach on the TDI Advance Trimix course! Out of air, maintaining depth on safety stops, and no mask swim are all in the open water diver course. However during an open water course they are done one at a time.

The hardest thing for many new aspiring technical divers is mastering these basic diving skills before we move onto multiple failures, multiple tanks, increased depth etc on other technical dive courses. Without a good foundation in the diving basics if we increase task loading with a weak foundation at some point the whole lot will come crashing down. With a solid foundation to build upon actually the rest is usually easy. Even experienced divers often need to cover the diving basics before getting into Advanced Nitrox and decompression procedures dive courses. So at DJL Tech we recommend the TDI Intro to tech course first.

Recreational divers often ask why technical divers are diving in shallow water with twinsets and stages. They don’t understand the obvious – that we need to train for emergencies with these basics skills in the shallows before we venture into deeper dives and long deco obligations.

These basic skills can keep you alive as you advance. Simply a matter of the correct fin kick and neutral buoyancy and trim in a cave or wreck with silt is the best way to avoid having to exit blind from deeper penetration dives, simply though not stirring up the silt.

The best course to perfect these skills is the TDI Intro To Tech course that we offer. The TDI Intro to Tech lays the foundation for other technical diving courses. It is essential for anyone looking to go cave diving or do advance wreck diving in Thailand. During the Intro to tech course here on Koh Tao we cover doubles configuration, back kicking, helicopter turns, basics of tech dive planning, long hose deployment, valve drills etc. After the TDI Intro to tech course, if combined with TDI nitrox diver, it gives the diver a great number of exciting and challenging dives and much longer time underwater.

If you are interested in the TDI Intro to Tech Program, email us or drop into Davy Jones Locker on Sairee Beach here in Koh Tao Thailand.

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