US Flag on USS Lagarto shipwreck

Wreck Diving Expedition Time, South Asia Seas !!

It’s that time of year again for Davy Jones Tech! Dave and Mitch have gone on a 3 week wreck diving expedition on the technical liveaboard heading south. Sailing through the gulf of Thailand, South China Sea and the Straights of Mallaca. Mitch will be completing his TDI Trimix course, and visiting wrecks such as the Tottori Maru, USS Lagarto, Shigure, Hatsutaka, HMS Repulse, HMS Prince of Wales, K17 Sub, Hagure and many more… As well as searching for new undiscovered shipwrecks along the way. The guys will cover over 1500 nautical miles. On the way they will dive over a dozen of some of the worlds best technical wreck dives. Updates to come when we hear from the guys!

Wreck Diving Expedition Time, South Asia Seas !!

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