Tech Trimix 65/ANDI Level 3 (normoxic tmx)

Tec Trimix 65/Normoxic Trimix
Qualifies you to make “Accelerated Decompression Dives” while using a “Normoxic” Helium mixture in the breathing gas to reduce both the Narcotic effect and Oxygen exposure at depths up to 65 meters.
(3 days) 1-Assessment and 4-Open Water Dives
It also includes Manual, Equipment rental, and Certification. Helium not included, charged at local rates per fill
Price: 30,000 THB
Upgrade from Tec-50 course: 27,500THB
Not Included: completing this course at Song Hong/ 
Accommodation, Travel to Song Hong, Meals, Boat and Park fees, and helium gas.

One thought on “Tech Trimix 65/ANDI Level 3 (normoxic tmx)

  1. Hi I am currently a tdi heliotrope diver and I’m looking to completed the trimix course do u do tdi course.

    I’m looking to do the course around the 1st of April.

    Regards Chris

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