About Us

Welcome to the South East Asia Explorers Club, or SEA Explorers Club for short. Established in 2009, these  pages contains all the information you need to know about our Technical and Wreck dive training and expeditions. Davy Jones’ Locker Diving owner Tim Lawrence and his partner Julia alberone have a deep passion for locating and exploring shipwrecks. So having 2 dive centres with a location in both the east and west coast of Thailand makes for great access to the surrounding areas for expeditions. At the sea explorers, we like to go deep searching for wrecks and overland looking for caves. Fortunately, Thailand has a huge amount of cave systems and our dive centre uses some of these caves regularly for diving training. Many more are unexplored, waiting for an intrepid dive team to navigate them.

Tim and Julia’s certifications as a Hypoxic Trimix CCR instructors  gives them the scope to access wrecks that are beyond the limits of the average diver. Tim also has a great deal of experience cave diving/instructing , visiting a number of the cave systems on the Thai mainland. With his charts full of marks and tips from local fishermen and guides there is always another potential discovery on the horizon.

At the south east Asia explorers club, we offer a full range of technical diving courses and can arrange cave diving courses on the mainland. This means the activities described in this site and in the blog aren’t exclusively for elite level divers. With proper training, you too can become part of an expedition team and come exploring with us!

If reading about the team’s exploits gives you a taste for dive exploration, then please get in touch. Contact tim@davyjoneslocker.asia  and let us know what your current level of diving experience is and where you would like to take it. We can give appropriately certified divers the details about any upcoming expeditions. Alternatively, we can book you in for training and get you to a suitable level to take part in one of our future expeditions, and adventures in south east Asia

Davy Jones’ Locker Diving Tech Team