recent expedition dive 9

Diary of the recent expedition Dive 9

5/10/2011 HMS Repulse Dive 2

Three hours later, we start dive two. The sea state is flat and there is still no current. We drop down onto the side of the wreck and head towards the stern, shooting video along the way. I look around, Dave is running a scooter, we drop down past a large gun mount, past some anti aircraft guns, then work back towards the line. The profile is the same as the first dive. 55 for 30 min using 18/30 bottom gas and 36 deco gas 1 and 100% o2. We start our ascent and on the way up a huge school of jelly fish pass us. At first we start to laugh as we get stung, but after ten minutes of batting the jellyfish out of the way, our attitude changed and when the last divers descend to start their dive we try to warn them. The stings become more intense and we settle down for a most uncomfortable decompression. When we hit the surface our faces were numb due to the effects of the jellyfish. We all hit the vinegar .

Stu  unties the wreck and after dinner and blending I hit the sack. The prospects of the Prince of Wales to tempt me tomorrow.

recent expedition dive 9

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