new shipwrecks

New shipwrecks located on expedition

A team of divers from Davy Jones Locker recently took part in a wreck expedition. They were sailing around the gulf and into the Mallaca Straights. The expedition concentrated in taking video images to document known shipwrecks and to investigate some new marks in the gulf and the straights. Hopefully the marks would lead to the discovery of new shipwrecks.

new shipwrecks


Miko from Koh Tao Tech divers supplied the first mark. Tim from Davy Jones Locker supplied the marks in the Straights of Malaca. All these marks turned up interesting results. The first search we ran across in the Gulf presented us with a large return on the sonar. The weather however was not helping and there was a heavy swell building.

There was a large rise on the bottom around 65 meter deep and around 80 meter long which could turn out be the Akita Maru or the Tairyu Maru. They were both sank in close proximity according to the war record report and the team have already located another shipwreck close by. As yet they have not been able to confirm her identity so this new mark could be either or neither.

It’s another mystery waiting to be solved by future teams of divers. However conditions are currently bad and the visability is low. This makes it difficult to determine the outline in the video images so we will have to return to these marks to complete this task.

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