HTMS Pangan, Tech diving wreck trip

Locating the HTMS Phangan wreck


The HTMS Phangan was located 60 nautical miles from Koh Tao. She lies in 60 meters of clear water and you can reach the top of the wreck at 48 meters. Although The HTMS Phangan was a Royal Thai Navy vessel she was sunk in a storm, not in battle, with no loss of life.

Locating the HTMS Phangan wreck

She was located by Tim Lawrence from Davy Jones Locker and Jamie McCloud and his team of divers from the Trident boat. It was a great find as the wreck can be reached within 6 hours from Koh Tao and can be used for finishing off tech courses. If you are interested in future expeditions that Davy Jones Locker will be undertaking or would like more information about tech course please send us a message via our contact page

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