Dive Shop operations underay at DJL

Dive Shop Operations Underway at DJL

6 new candidates have just started their Dive Shop Operations course at Davy Jones’ Locker. This is a 6 day course that aims to teach the students how to safely blend gas. Next you will be taught how to properly run and maintain a compressor. You will also learn how to visually inspect tanks and to fix equipment, from BCD inflator hoses, to regulator second stages and tank valves. All essential parts of running a dive shop properly that most Dive Masters and instructors know nothing about. Also many of the guys are already Tec divers or are looking to become Tec divers in the near future. These skills are essential while on expeditions away from the local dive shop. Good luck guys and hope you all enjoy it!

Dive Shop operations underay at DJL

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